The Authority’s existing wastewater plant is in the Fairfield Plantation subdivision in the eastern portion of the county. The Authority has 55 miles of sewer line with 10 lift stations within the subdivision. The wastewater is treated by a stabilization pond with a design capacity of approximately 1.0 MGD and is then pumped to a storage pond for land application. The permitted capacity for the wastewater treatment facility is currently 0.45 MGD.

SEWER SMOKE TESTING - Fairfield Plantation
CCWA is preparing to smoke test selected sanitary sewer pipelines within Sewer Basin 1 of Fairfield Plantation during the week of August 5th. Testing will be performed between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please review the Smoke Test Area map to see if your home is within its limits. CCWA strongly recommends that residents within the test area read the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Smoke testing is a common and effective technique used to identify areas where unauthorized water, such as rain water, creek water, and other storm water runoff, enters the sewer collection system. Storm water runoff that enters the sewer collection system adds to the volume of water that must be processed by the wastewater treatment plant. CCWA hopes to reduce wastewater treatment plant flows and associated costs by addressing leakage identified through smoke testing.

During the test, you can expect to see smoke escaping through vent stacks on the roof of homes within the test area, indicating the building's plumbing was properly installed. It is important to note that test smoke emitting from roof vents does NOT indicate that the home is on fire. You should also expect to see smoke escaping through the ground, building foundations, gutters, yard cleanouts, manhole covers and pavement indicating a potential entry point for unauthorized water. The correction of any defects in sewer service laterals and cleanouts on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Since smoke is used to identify potential entry points of unauthorized water, personnel from CCWA and CSL Services, Inc. (CCWA's contractor) will also be walking through the test area, and in some cases backyards and wooded areas, attempting to identify where smoke is emitted from the sewer system. CSL and CCWA personnel will be easily identified by their uniformed shirts and labeled trucks. For more information regarding the areas scheduled for testing, specifics about the "smoke" that will be used, and what to do if the smoke does get into your home, please view our Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you have additional questions after reading the FAQ, please contact Jake Duncan, CCWA Engineer, at (678) 890-0064 or


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